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Pure, Natural & made with LOVE

Welcome to “My Baby Cuddles” a new brand and wide range of Pure Organic, Neutral baby clothing made with LOVE.

My Baby Cuddles Philosophy

My Baby Cuddles approach is simple. We provide Gender neutral, Unique and Simple designs using “Global Organic Textile Standard” (GOTS) certified organic fabrics, non-toxic materials and other high quality accessories for our baby clothing collection. Our aim is also to provide exceptional online customer experience and product satisfaction. My Baby Cuddles believes “childhood is a celebration!” So, the colourful prints, cute character motifs and designs are inspired by the “joy and love children bring into our lives”. My Baby Cuddles celebrates childhood by supporting families with gender neutral, thoughtful designs, quality, certified organic materials that are soft, strong and resilient, allowing delicate young skin to breathe naturally. My Baby Cuddles focuses on unique designs with beautiful child-friendly motifs using natural fibres and fabrics for our range of baby garments and accessories.

Why choose Organic Baby Clothing?

My Baby Cuddles uses GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified organic cotton fabric that are soft, strong and durable that allows your precious baby’s skin to breathe easily. Non-organic baby clothing is often made from synthetic fibres manufactured with petrochemicals, acrylic, polyacrylonitriles, PVC, and esters that are linked to a variety of health problems. Our products carry authenticity codes issued by GOTS. We also use GOTS certified natural dyes to colour and print our products. Therefore, our organic baby garments are produced to control and avoid exposure to toxic chemicals used in the making of most everyday fabrics that your precious little babies are otherwise vulnerable to. From organic cotton to recycled packing materials, our products are made for minimal environmental impacts.

Designed in Sydney, Made in Turkey.

Pure, Natural & LOVE.

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